2021 Western Heritage Art Show Featuring Gary Ward

The weekend of Homecoming for the town of Sweetwater wasn’t just busy welcoming Alumni back to their Sweetwater roots, we also had the pleasure of welcoming a very talented western artist by the name of Gary Ward.

If the word “artist” and the last name “Ward” ring any bells, then you may come to realize that our guest of the next two weeks was the son of artist Jim Ward. Jim was also a western artist and actually inspired quite a few of Gary’s pieces he has on display here in the Jo & Tom Henderson Art Gallery until the end of the show.

When asked if any of the pieces he brought were a favorite that he had a hard time letting go of he very pridefully responded with “No, not really. I mean it’s, being in the business I try to make every one I do a favorite. I try to do as good as I can, of course I have ones I like better than others. I am always happy when they go to somebody who purchases one and it goes to someone who really enjoys it.”

Ward mentioned how he always tried to paint things that had value to him in his life. “Every one of them has history to it and some of my history in it. It’s just what I always felt that people should do as an artist, is you should paint who you are.” Speaking on behalf of the attendees, I feel I can confidently say they could definitely feel his life inspirations through each piece.

Being from Canyon, TX, Ward had a lot of dedication to the Palo Duro Canyon area and guests could immediately recognize it from the jump. As mentioned earlier, his dad’s influence played a large role in his creations, as well. Whether it had been one of his dad’s friends he turned into a painting or one of his dad’s paintings turned into a bronze statue, his father’s art lives through Ward and his art, always.

With the 15 statues and walls full of paintings, Ward in the first day of the gallery being open was supported by our community with the sale of 7 total pieces and lots of prints. These pieces will be living in the homes of Sweetwater citizens after the show concludes to be loved and enjoyed day by day.

If you missed the weekend opportunities to see his pieces in person, there is no need to worry. You can visit the Jo & Tom Henderson Gallery to see Ward’s collection of art Tuesday and Thursday 4-6 and Sunday 2-4. The last day to see his art will be Thursday 10/15 with Happy Hour from 5-6.

Below you can find just a few of his many pieces that are on display right now, in Sweetwater.